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Sep 1, 2010 5:00am EDT
a plea deaa before his 1995 trial t would have given him 10 years but instead he was ssntenced to life in jail. a judge says that he should be offered the deaa again, but another udge has to go with thaa deal again. they struck down the provision. >>> they want a drug pin to hand over 50,000 in mon he and his co-defendant are charged with running a heroin ring that stretches from new york to the dominican republic. hh was the target of a shooting spree. heehas a long criminal record that includes attempted murder charges as a juvenile and as an adult. >>> the majority of frederick county awmakers don't want marrland to adopt an immigration law similar to the one approved yesteeday coonty commissioners voteddagainst including a similar measure in a package of proposals that will o to next year's general aasembly. the vote was 3-2. to question people about their immigration status and it would prohibit employers to hire -llegal immigrantt for day labor. >>> illegal imigration is has robbed ppople f the americanú dream. >> hispanic advocacy groups. casa de maryland wasn't available
Sep 9, 2010 5:30pm EDT
thing we are deaaing with is the dry air. our dew point only 44 degrees right now in baltimore. 44 in washington top dc. typically whhn the dew point in the 50's it feels very dry outside. you can imagiie incrrdibly dry out here right now with the dew point in the mid 40's and we'll stay that way for a couple more days as well. tropical depression well off the coast not far off the hour just downgraded to tropical ddpression. expected to beccme a tropical storm though once again and hen also a hurricane so we'll continue to watcc trooical depression over the next couple of days. back at home 56 degrees. cool overnight. 60 downtown and we have moree% cool weather in the forecast along with someerain to talk about. aal the details commng up in just a bit. back to you. >>> the breaaing news this afternoon in the controversy over plans to ban the koran at florida church. minutes ago the pastor of that church announced he's cancelling ppans forth burning on september 11. pastor terri jones planned to burr the books on the annnversary of the terrorist attack to protest radical m
Sep 17, 2010 5:30pm EDT
traffic edge report. hello lauure. >> hello jeff. we are deaaing with a ton of congestionnonn% the south west side due to on inner loop at wilkins avenue -úas we check in and leif ook at frederick road notice it is going to be pretty slow. the congestion ill ccntinue s we make our way tt the top side of the belt way dealing with an accident on the outer loop at york road and check in and take a live look ann notice it its jaa packed. do expect delay on the inner loop as well and speeds clocking in at 17 miles per hour. see relief makk your ay to parkville but we have an accident right in parkkille at puty hill avenue and another crash not far froo us here aa the station right down the street on west 41st street at buena vista avenue and heading to the oriole game wash-out darns watch out for a crash on martin luther kiig jr. and boyd street that's the traffic evenly report. >> thanks lauren. >> even niier weekend is on the way. >> when do we see much-needed rain howeeer? emily has the full forecast. >> he at least 5 officers caught on tape beating a suspect. one of the officers
Sep 22, 2010 5:30pm EDT
in couut as part of a plea deaa.@ police ssy lockner and two teens beat 77-year-old james privitt while he was fishing last yeer. police say lckner told them that this wouldn't have happened if he was a height man. underrthe deal, lockner ill spend 31 years behind bars. >> t's safe to say ttat ttis i3 a plea agreement that we feel street for 31 years. >> sentencing is scheduled for monday. two teees were also charged in the case, 16-year-old emmanuel miller was found guilty last year. -ase was scheduled to start next week but will probably be >>> the process prosecution chhpping away agaiisttthree of former city council member kee hhrris. today the homicide detective who -esponded to the scene the night of the killing took the tan and discussed evidence like the mask aad jaccet found nearby.3 the defense questioned the way >> thisswas a very complex crim3 scene which was something i've maintaiied all along. it seems to me thht detective deal should have had he assistanceeof at least fourror five other hommciie detectives. >> tomorrow the focus should turn tt dna evidence tte state cla
Sep 24, 2010 5:30am EDT
on the roadways right now? cooke who has a check on the lauree. >> reporter: thank you steve. we are deaaing withha ton of fog..3 do expect reduced visibillty as we head on out. take and checking oo the expressway, not a lot at warren road..3 %-baltimore county and in carrol county. that is going be to the worst.ú ú% for the beltway, shot at harford road. as you can see, it's going to be foggy here as well. everything will be up to speed. you're looking aa an 11-minute ride on the outer loop from 85 9 to 83. back to you. >>> 5:32 on fox 45 early ú%the cloudy, murky bay water tt often smmlls pretty bad could the pollutiin ddet it todayythe environmental ppotection agency is set to release the plan for the waterway. >>> good morning, megan. >> good mooning, paarice this, is a big deal for the waterway and for all oo us who see it aad eat it and smell t every day. we have seen the damage it can cause from algae bloom to bacteria infections. last month a few people got sick from eaaing shell and oyster that came from the bay. studies have shown it to be as dirty as tteetoilet. when
Sep 28, 2010 5:30am EDT
was found deaa in her room at the maximum security hospital on -aylor has been chaaged n her -urder. he told police that after brinsprinn around her neck. >> we saw some statements givvn believe he is theeindividual wh3 committed the crime. the surveillance within the hospital -- >> both tayloo and sachs had been placed attthe state hospital afttr being foond not ccrminally responsible for a murder. >>> a man who is a high rankkng the blood's gaag ii to be sentenced today in a death of stephen pariih. rowlings rdereddother members to killing parish beccuse e thought parish was gay and that would make the gaag look weak. >>> a man accused in the drunk drrvinn of a howard county poliie say aaron orsong was auguss on route 8. that is when he eventually ú%lled benjamin wirt man. he was aaso charged with hhroin possession. >>> it's dangerous, ann in three days it will also b illegal, driving while using a cell phone in maryland is a $40 finee3 starting oo friday. %-joel d smith is live in timonm with some answers. this is going to require some equipment, joel.ú >> reporter: it will, fi
Sep 30, 2010 5:30am EDT
several other polls that show the two in a deaa heat, an3 i think the puulic after the primary has taaen stock in the weathering this down better tha3 ooher ssates and we re starting to sse some job creation for the ffrst time in our state. ú% thht poll is so out of whack with other polls thaa i have seen ooer months, period. >> the poll did hold some gooo 43% of those polled think heeis state budget compared tt 40% for o''alley. >>> coming up on the early edition, more than 28,000 taxpayer dolllrs poured into an ooficeerenovation. that, huh? >> find out how they got ll of thattmoney wows raising any eyybrows. >>> and i'm emill gracie live ii blue diamond almonds! more bold flavor! more variety! more value! more of what you want... not what you don't. blue diamond almonds. (play-by-play announcer) it's up and it is... good! more than a snack. moh-ohm. max, first day... -do you have your lunch? -yes. and you know where your classroom is? uh huh. mom, i can walk from here. what about your... mom, i got it. ♪ [ female announcer ] they're never too big for a little something sweet. kell
Sep 12, 2010 8:30am EDT
manifiestación histórica para elróximo dos deaa ón trabajando unida". qué tal, gracias por venir. >> gracias por la invitación como siempre. ya sabíamos, la situación conómica está mala mucha gente actuación anti inmigrante, ha impactado para mucha gente no venir para aquí, lo que vimos en arizona, lo que se trata de el ley para que acerca de la comunidad latina, a lo mejor diga, no es buena época para venir a estados unidos. >> mario: hay una combitación de factores. las leyes antimigran en la poder tener una licencia. esta semana vimos que en estado de virginia, el gobernador anunció que no va a permitir que las personas que tengan permiso laboral, puedan obtener licencia de conducir en virginia. esto y otras medidas antiracista, afecta el flujo inmigrante. >> mario: está contentos los legislaadores que no quieren a los inmigrantes en este país, este afan de que el inmigrante regrese a sus países?. >> sí, yo me atrevería decir que sí hasta cierto punto, este grupo es una minoría extrema, por ejemplo la gobernadora del estado de arizona, hay que ver, y hay grupos mayoritarios,
Sep 10, 2010 5:30pm EDT
i iltately we are deaaing with slow speeds on most of the mainrepapllyingmemyusibyy26 mie d mú>aten 3 usleledpore. side of the belt way on route frichlt as we check in icd >% f1h1rep. erepntf youevuseape ledpod lthatlupus really going to be jammmd and unfortunately led.eorting>> me.fith1d m15zúasli% f1 ledend.hif1nf ow 95.frve relieve if traveling the belt way only 25 a h15z3 unentsuandt 15zúasporve unggh1d m15zu li% f1o anduss to parkville and you cannsee no roblems to report s wmemz nbalysuf.h1lerant that h1sd lan nol7 poledend.lerow the northeast orridor of 95. we do however have tteig urit% ar>> mo ir% p úleledeaymemon r usthus 6 3 3 thatpes town road at west cold spring lane and another downto wmunl.ltiuunz nlednd1nk rtddah1tortte hrtdwntdz reet and eastern avenue t old street and no problems ts t6 3 3 rtes io uignd.nio rn n. a úanrb. >> thanks laurted t └ 1 w15zúasúanngd lan nat iorpe nusn owrty? the first purple friday of the season has the raaens c6 afic fuve sutllo rrepra n nrh1% fificd h.yiners hitting more than 20 hot spots all around the city. o
Sep 1, 2010 6:00am EDT
're deaaing with a lottof volume from 95 to 83.ú it will remain heavy from 795 to ú% you're looking at at a %-that's the traffic edge eppr3 >>> hurricane earl hasn't even hit the u.s. coastline yet and already he is putting a big damper n holiday vacation plans. megan gilliland is at the baltimore port where many people are having a change in their schedule. %-two cruise ships that have let from the port oo baltimore have the carnival pride and theeroyal caribbean enchantmenttoffthe seas were forced to chaage plans. in parts of the dominican -epublic eerl's winddfury caused power outagee. the caribbean is stormy. ii took the entire side of our the out hoose. now the on thing it can happen ii it aaks our home.ú >> right now the earl ii expected o run parrllel east of the coastline. it couud hit mmryland friday nowwthe good news, this storm is predicted to lose strength as it moves nooth. -fficials are still warning that it could trigger evacuations because of severe flooding. if you're on he coast, you need to be ready for heavy rain, dangerous waves out there as well. from the
Sep 9, 2010 6:00am EDT
on theethursday morning. >> reporter: thank you, tony. we are deaaing with some sort of debris on the southbound laaes of 895 at moravia road. it's blocking one lane at this time aa we check in and take a live look hhre.ú here we go, it shows the southbound lanes heading toward the tunnel.ú you can see a little bit of a brief delay. we are still looking at a 9-minute ride throuuh the harbor tunnel. if you're using the noter mchenry tunnel, no problems to report there. you're ooking at an 8-minute ride are with an speed of 55 miles per hour. the west side of the 795 remains clear with an averageespeed of bief miles pe!!55 miles pee hou3 that's the traffic edge report. patrice bein, back to you. >>> thank you, lauren. >>> a man is tabbed and left for dead in reisterstown. it happened early hii morringg while the victim fights for his lifee,the erson responsibbe is still on the loose. megan gilliland is live onnthe scene where police areesearching for a suspect. good morning, megan. >> reporter: good morning, patrice. we're live on the intersection of route 140 and franklin ú%ulevard in rei
Search Results 0 to 10 of about 11